Russian women vs Asian women: are they ever comparable?

Why these two groups of girls are a wife material?

It is noticed that western men often date or visit Russian women and Asian women in turn, or chose a wife exactly among these two categories. How can it be so, if they’re so different?

Well, it depends on your point of view, and your search purpose. Somewhere, Russian and Asian girls are rather similar, especially when it comes to family values and respect towards a man.

Financial aspect

Let’s start our comparison from the most important aspect for all men in this harsh time of the world crisis: the money. Why are Russian and Asian women similar in this matter?

The majority of Russian women are poor or middle-class. Rich Russian women hang out with Russian oligarchs, no doubts in that. So they’re rarely interested in western men dating.

Some Asian women live in third-world countries, which keeps them within a low-budget range. It means, they are way less demanding and can live in simple conditions.

Asian women from wealthy families in South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong usually date guys from other wealthy families and it’s a deal set long in advance. It rarely changes.

So, the target audience are the girls who don’t mind being down-to-earth and valuing simple things in life. This is what unites Russia and Asia in single westerners’ eyes.

It becomes especially important in a context of infamous divorces with western women that cost a fortune to a man. Nothing like that happens due to breakup with a Russian or Asian wife.Russian women vs Asian women

Beauty and sexiness

For sure, at the first sight, Eastern European and Asian girls have very different types of appearance. First ones can be called classical and second ones, very exotic and spicy.

But it’s a bit superficial to judge like that. A deeper knowledge is needed. First of all, there are Asian girls in Russia too. Did you know that? There are many Kazakh, Mongol, Turk girls etc.

They do have Asian features, and look quite exotic. Their cuisine and traditions differ from Slavic ones as well. But they speak Russian, have Russian citizenship, and so on.

It’s logical that Asian ethnicities mix with Slavic ones on a territory of Russia. Thanks to that, exotic-looking girls can be met in any Russian city, including Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

But there is something that differs Russia and Asia for sure. If you were making researches regarding Asian dating, you already know that millions of ladyboys live there.

The transgender therapy is obviously inexpensive in all Asian countries including the Philippines, plus boys are being born extremely feminine by nature which makes things easier.

It’s so hard to define where a true woman is and where a shemale is, even experienced travellers fail at times. Both are very handsome and charming, and it’s like that everywhere.

You won’t find such a phenomenon in Russia. Of course, there are transgendered people as well. But they still form a small subculture and meet at special themed nightclubs.

Russian guys rarely have enough money or enough good specialists nearby who could help them gain a high-quality look. So Russian trannies are very, very recognizable.

Some western men report it’s kind of relieving to travel to the country and know for sure there aren’t fake women on each corner like it unfortunately happens in other corners of the world.Russian or Asian wife

Love style

There are men who try to date a woman of each nationality at least once, so curious they are about a variety of attitudes and tempers. Well, Russian and Asian women are opposite in a bed.

It cannot be said that Russian girls are as emancipated and self-focused as their American peers, who attend workshops and study tutorials to learn how to reach multiple orgasms.

Nope, Russian women are very natural and non-scientific in everything they do. Sex with them can be called raw and wild. They are spontaneous yet a bit classical in their sexual habits.

It’s hard to say they prefer to be submissive, but they aren’t dominating all the time either. They obviously like equality but are focused on their partner more, which is good for men.

Asian girls are very determined to satisfy a partner as well, but differently. They won’t dominate at all, unless you really ask and explain them things or motivate them with some reward.

There is a lot of truth in a statement that Asian women are mostly subbies, moreover, they are quite passive in their love play. They learn to excite a man with their innocent and childish looks.

Asian women develop their modern attitude really slowly. They still love to play being hard-to-reach, and refuse many times before a man literally attacks them with his passion.

Then they give up, or pretend so, even if they wanted the same from the first minute. It’s normal for their culture, but Russian women are never hypocrite, they express their desires freer.

Asian women

Everyday life with Asian or Russian woman

One can endlessly compare these two categories of girls, but nothing is fully clear until you try living with them. In turn, of course! In this case, you start to understand what is better for you.

Both Asian and Russian women adore cooking and love spoiling their partner with a good homemade meal, but let’s be honest, Asian meals are a bit healthier and yummier.

Russian food reminds of German cuisine which is simple and nourishing. Anyways, to go on with comparing, Asian women like it very tidy while Russians may have a creative disorder around.

It’s actually typical for a Russian woman to clean thoroughly on weekends only. It’s already on a genetic level, and they follow this habit even if they get plenty of spare time.

Planning a good vacation or days off isn’t an Asian girl’s thing, she’ll expect you to develop the idea and make all arrangements. While a Russian woman is full of ideas and is a good organizer.

In any case, the decision is yours and you’re always free to decide whether you want to spend some of your lifetime with an Asian or Eastern European beauty. Start your research today!

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