Hookup Russian women in Moscow: the best tips

What to expect from nightclubs in Russia?

Russian women will always be admired for their extraordinary beauty, natural femininity, and ability to stay with one partner for the whole life. Did the last trait eventually change?

Yes, sexy Russian girls have adapted very well to a modern society, and it affected their values a lot. They started to think about catching some physical pleasure in between boring duties.

Moscow became so progressive with its nightclubs dedicated to sex in public, swinger parties, LGBT events, that it can really be compared to the NY nightlife. Never boring there!

Saint Petersburg is different in this regard, it offers all the loud party life as well, but it is usually connected with artistic or cultural events, although the amount of alcohol isn’t cultural there.sexy Russian girls

Perm, Yekaterinburg, and other big industrial cities distanced from the capital, usually offer classical nightclubs with a good bar, good pop music, and girls who just want to hookup, no experiments.

If a traveller knows this nuances, he’ll decide easier where to go and how exactly to have fun in Russia. Girls are still beautiful like in old times, no worries about that!

Some western men don’t like to seek hookups in Russian clubs though, and they have reasons for that. At first, there’s too much smoke and noise, sometimes pretty hard to chose a nice girl.

At second, securities in Russian and Ukrainian nightclubs can be a bit out of line. They misuse their power, charge foreigners extra for non-existing services, or kick them out for nothing.

It can happen both in a modest cheap club and elite, very expensive club with face-control, so it’s better to find a local girl or a male friend who would accompany you, in advance.

Another disadvantage can be connected with a possible presence of girls’ boyfriends or husbands. Even a stranger can get jealous and try to protect, as he thinks, a girl from the foreigner.

Luckily, there are nightclubs mostly visited by tourists. They are usually situated next to the famous hotels and securities there resemble polite butlers. Women are mostly escort girls and amateurs.

However, one doesn’t need to be focused on Russian nightclubs only, when he wants to find a hookup partner. There are other places and other ways to meet a sexy Russian girl.


Finding a casual lover on Facebook

It became so common for Russian women to chat on their phones, they can only be compared to Japanese, Chinese, and Korean girls in that. None of them ever stop checking the phone.

It means, nothing is easier than to meet a Russian girl online! They’re all there, in dating apps and messengers. Some men use Facebook and other social networks too, in order to find a girl.

The algorithm or finding a Russian woman on FB is not described anywhere, while it is in high demand among western men. Here are the steps you should do to succeed in that!

  • Search for a frequent Russian name and surname, such as Anna Ivanova or Maria Petrova. You’ll see plenty of people, chose single ones and prettiest ones.
  • Send them a frend reguest. Make sure your main photo is attractive, your info section is reflecting you’re single, and none of your posts are violent or controversial.
  • If she accepts your friend request, wave on her and like her recent posts. But do not be in hurry to write her messages, she may think you’re bothering her.
  • If a girl likes back some of your posts and photos, take a chance and write to her. Do not just ask how she is doing, it’s an Indian or Turkish style. Send her a princess GIF.
  • Let your communication be more smooth and slow than it would be on a dating site. You never know whether she has a local boyfriend or a conservative family.
  • Do not get sexual at all. Facebook isn’t meant for that and you don’t need her to report you. If both of you feel comfortable to flirt, move to a private messenger.Russian girls moscow

Well, now you know what to do and not to do on FB when you’re seeking a Russian lover. Avoid typical mistakes that most of men do, and you’ll succeed with your project in no time.

Keep in mind a few tricks that might be helpful. Facebook is a great place if to use it right. You can quickly and easily define a girl’s circle of interests and her hobbies, so go for that.

It’s really smart to talk the animal protection if she’s a vegetarian, to talk rock music if she’s into it, or to say how cute her sibling or a kid is. Just find a key and things will go smooth.


Finding a Russian girl on a regular dating app

Hookup apps are created for a partner search, and Russian women definitely use them a lot. They do have Russian versions of Tinder, Badoo, and Brilic, and there are thousands of them.

However, what western men do not realize is that even open-minded Russian girls differ from American or European women. They just have another kind of attitude and expectations.

It’s absolutely out of line to be rude to them just because you’re both seeking sex not the committed relationship. They immediately feel it and it’s not ok.

If some of the Australian, German, or Sweden women would respond back just in the same manner and still have wild sex with you after, for

Russian girls it’s unacceptable.

meet a sexy Russian girl.

Even they have another view on what to consider rude. Not saying Hi and being straightforward in your questions is rude. Ignoring their Birthday, too.

It’s surely ridiculous at some point but Russian women do think romantically of a man even if they’re already having the rawest and most casual sex with them right now.

They just cannot get ideals out of their mind, which is a consequence of their parents’ pro-communistic upbringing and big amounts of literature Russian people are reading.

Anyways, it shouldn’t be hard for you to compliment a girl, tell her nice words, be attentive, just until the moment when you arrive to her city and you two get intimate. It is well-rewarded!

Now for your own safety, be aware that Russian girls who easily get naughty online without even knowing you, are most definitely fraudulent or very low-quality.

For example, men report that women who seemed very passionate online, appeared to be hard-drinking and trashy upon a meeting. So to avoid disappointments, chat with shy ladies.

Don’t worry, it’s normal for Russian mentality to be restrained at the beginning. If she simply smiles and says she likes you, it’s already a great sign and it promises unforgettable hookups.


How to make love to a Russian woman

It may seem that having sex is the same in any country, but it isn’t. Russian girls, for instance, like their lover to be tender. Doggie style is often their favourite, which is convenient for outdoors.

Russian women normally don’t have taboos regarding this or that kind of sex, but they need a good foreplay. After turning them on, one can gently guide them to please him in other ways.

Even the most inexperienced young girl may accept the butt sex if to seduce her with some back massage. Russian girls love receiving massages and it helps a lot, especially if with lots of oils.hookups in Russian clubs

Another key for seducing a young girl is long kissing. It’s typical for Russian women to practice long kisses, so why not to accompany it with all kinds of intercourse.

Sex toys are still rather new for Russians, although there are sex shops on every corner, especially on central streets. It’s better not to use them for the first night together though.

Some progressively-thinking Russian girls may enjoy bondage or being a dominatrix, but it’s better to meet them on special BDSM apps or in rock clubs. There are plenty in Moscow.

In general, Russian women are great lovers and perfect casual partners, one just needs to have a correct approach and treat them in a way that is more acceptable for them.

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