Best 3 apps to meet Russian wife you’ve been dreaming of

What makes Russian brides so attractive to us?

In a modern world, full of fake beauty and often, fake women, Russian girls stand out and shine like stars. It’s incredible how immune they are to all toxic impacts of a today reality.

Russian women still value their true femininity and inner self. They enjoy wearing dresses and high heels, but anyways they’re sexy in flat shoes as well. Stockings and fancy lingerie is a must!

When a western girl wears that, you know for sure she’s trying to sell herself and get something back. While Russian beauties just like pleasing their man in such a natural visual way.

Russian women still value family, and do not initiate divorce first, unless something horrible is done towards them or their child. They really feel great cooking for their man and making it cosy.Russian beauties

Education is very important to them, but not as a matter of professional ambitions and breathtaking career. They just think it’s normal to be smart, intelligent, and read a lot.

Where else would you find a book-worm that would look like a sexy celebrity, not like a typical nerd? Yes, it’s possible only in Russia, Ukraine, and probably Belarus.

Talking about natural beauty, there are many real blondes in Russia. While the majority of blondes in the US dye their hair, and again, not all of them are even women.

It happens because a big part of Russian population has Baltic and Nordic roots. Pale skin, blonde hair, and blue or grey eyes are defining their ethnic roots and genetic ancestry.

In case it matters for you, Russian women are wonderful mothers. There are always exceptions but in this country, children typically stay with a mother even in case of divorce.

Russian girls are surprised a lot by western examples when dad is raising several kids all by himself or shares the half of custody. Russian men are just too passive, messy, and lost for that.

Mothers like in Russia, you can find only in old fairy-tales. They do sing songs to their little children, sew and knit for them after working day, bottle fruits and veggies for winter.

It’s really unbelievable how they still manage to be wild cats in a bed and remain so well-groomed taking care of their other duties just perfectly, and succeeding in other areas.


Technology in Russian girls’ life and the best dating apps

Technology still didn’t take over in Russia although many things have changed, especially in the biggest cities. Women spend a lot of time in their phones, but not as much as in the west.

Bit by bit, it becomes a norm for them to find a life partner online. They already see many good examples around or hear about them. But Russian women are cautious with the Internet.

No one wants to risk and be used for naughty photos or fall in love with a wrong person. So they really care to ask enough personal questions, compare the answers, take a look at all photos.

Since they’re so careful, they prefer to use international dating apps that are really well-checked and confirmedly safe. So here is the list of apps Russian girls trust Russian wife

No. 3. AnastasiaDate

This platform is still considered reliable, after so many years of serving singles around the globe. Many complained it’s too controlling, but that is also why it is protective.

There were many cases when administrators of AnastasiaDate prevented Russian girls from the wrong steps or dangerous contacts. They were checking male users as well, not only the women.

However, it isn’t a number one app because men are getting tired of intermediaries and extra payments for services they do not need. So, girls often search there in vain.

No. 2. RussianCupid

A product of the world famous dating giant, RussianCupid very much reminds AnastasiaDate and many other classical platforms of the old generation. But local agencies aren’t obligatory included.

Russian girls like the fact it is famous, greatly supported, censored in some way, and contains a huge database of single men who do exist and can come to visit them in Moscow.

No. 1. Brilic

This one is a favourite, first of all, because it’s new generational and very trendy. Russian women have just discovered for themselves such a phenomenon as dating blogs.

They’re very informative, helpful, and full of useful tips for meeting men from different countries and cities. Well, Brilic provides such a blog and it’s as educative as it could be.

Brilic isn’t connected with the agencies at all and doesn’t put any obligations on its members. But if it’s so, what makes women think they’re safe there and men are reliable enough?

It’s a price for a monthly membership. Brilic is free only for girls, but it pre-selects well-provided men with the help of rather high fees. That is what guarantees the girls won’t be misguided.

It doesn’t mean all of them are sugar babies and only want a wealthy man. No, they are just being realistic because even the airline tickets New York – Moscow and back are super expensive.

It’s too disappointing to chat with someone for months and then discover he doesn’t even have an opportunity to visit, not talking about building a new family and helping a girl adapt.

So, Brilic seems to be a perfect option for women who seek additional online protection and want to meet a man as soon as possible, without shallow talks and time waste.

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How to prove to your Russian girlfriend you’re the best?

Unlike women of many other nationalities, Russian girls don’t need much from their man. Just some respect, some care, some politeness, some cute compliments, and real manly actions.

It’s so simple: asking about her parents’ well-being, bringing a toy for her kid if she has one, not complaining on your ex all the time, not staring at other women in her presence.

If it’s absolutely impossible for you to do all of that, maybe a serious relationship isn’t for you for now? But if you find all these steps simple and achievable, means you’re mature enough to start over.

There is always a golden middle between being careful and being gallant. A good girl won’t ask you about the taxi money, but it’s polite to give as much as you find appropriate.apps Russian girls

A good sincere girl would keep an eye contact with you, express her interest with a body language, and hopefully hold your hand while walking, but not seduce you under the table.

There is a difference between a wife material and a hookup material. Although some men think the best wife is the nastiest one, from Russian girl’s point of view, all should start innocently.

They more than welcome a first kiss, but make sure it takes place among some very nice scenery, you had a beautiful evening prior to that, and she’s smiling to you tenderly.

Remember that Russian girls are anti-feminist, if it can be said so. They totally adore and need being cherished, assisted, and cared about, in every way one can imagine.

They used to be independent and strong, but that is why they want a good man beside: to finally relax and start feeling like a true woman, no hurry, no stress, no unnecessary strength.

So if you’ve got enough patience, warmth, and care to go through these first steps, you’ll conquer your Russian woman’s heart in a matter of days, and become her special man for a lifetime.

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